At Converge Biotech, patient welfare and effective treatment are the common goals that we work for. With a two-thonged approach we have thoughtfully designed two of our initiatives: Patient Initiative and Academic Initiative that together help us to do justice to our role and impact in the healthcare industry. We strongly believe that complete awareness and education are important on part of the patient seeking treatment, while we continually strive to bring in more effective modes of treatment and formulations under the guidance and expertise of some of the brightest minds from the industry.

“Transforming the face of healthcare industry, one initiative at a time.”

Patient Education Initiative

At Converge Biotech, we believe that Patient’s effective treatment should be the quintessential goal. Hence, we continually innovate and evolve our approach and formulations best suited to the patient. We believe with increased awareness and involvement of the patient and the caregiver it is imperative to equip them with adequate understanding and knowledge, encouraging them to arrive at an informed decision.

We actively partner with patients and caregivers to raise awareness & education by empowering them with relevant information in the domain of Critical Care, Cardio-Metabolics, Oncology, Nephrology & Rheumatology. We have always spearheaded awareness in collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders with regard to HbA1c, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, World Heart Day, World Sepsis Week, Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer & Lung Cancer.

Academic Initiative

The idea is the seed of innovation. We believe in good ideas that have the potential to become extraordinary scientific innovations in the academic ecosystem. We partner with academic thought leaders and innovators to catapult our internal research efforts, scientific understanding, and industry insights to come up with best-in-class solutions to address treatment need gaps.

We aim to be with like-minded key opinion leaders interested in early discovery and innovation. By encompassing the expansive Indian academic network, we are exploring cutting-edge research at all our therapeutic fronts and enabling technologies. Converge Biotech is committed to increasing the awareness of the risk of morbidity & mortality in India caused by Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). We look forward to partnering with Indian key thought leaders in arriving at a consensus with their sophisticated practices & strategies for the effective management of AMR*in India. With our unique academic platform, OUTSMART MICROBES, we aim to provide information on the most virulent multi-drug resistant bacteria(MDR)& their best-in-class management strategies for the management of AMR, thereby addressing the MDR through a meaningful dialogue amongst the key Indian thought leaders. Oncology Clinical Practice is going through a rapid transformation with Precision Medicine gaining ground for providing meaningful treatment outcomes for Stage III & Stage IV Cancers. Precision medicine uses specific information about a person’s tumour to help make a diagnosis, plan treatment, find out how well treatment is working, or make a prognosis. Examples of Precision Medicine include using immunotherapies, targeted therapies & chemotherapies to treat specific types of cancer cells. CONCENTRIC is an academic initiative of Converge Oncology for Nurturing Therapeutic Reasoning And Interest & Conceptualization in collaboration with Key Oncologists of reputed institutions.

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