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Our Story

With a keen line of diversified stakeholders, patients, health care providers and institutions in the global generic market, the year of 2015 saw the exclusive emergence of Converge Biotech, based in Hyderabad, Telangana. This branded formulation business is a coherent move to surge ahead and construct profound and long withstanding relationships and trust amongst these multiple market segments. Since its inception, Converge Biotech vehemently aims to deliver quality medicines at economical prices, especially in the realms of chronic care sector and enable patients to gain better and easy access to such medicines.

Business Verticals

Operations Terrains

Converge Biotech is a progressive organization in the Indian Pharmaceutical market, creating a niche in the branded formulation market. With an aim to make high-quality and affordable medicines easily accessible to a common man, Converge Biotech has also plunged into international markets, gaining trust and reliance. Moreover, it intends to further expand its overseas operations.

TOGETHER Let’s  Bring The Change

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