With a keen line of diversified stake holders, patients, health care providers and institutions in global generic market, the year of 2016 saw the exclusive emergence of Converge Biotech, based in Hyderabad, Telangana. This branded formulation business is a coherent move to surge ahead and construct profound and long withstanding relationship and trust amongst these multiple market segments.




Since its inception, Converge Biotech has already ventured the overall Indian pharmaceutical market with the aim to not only offer hi-end quality and affordable medication, but to also relentlessly strive to ensure safe and easy accessibility for the relevant patients.

The Name

The company’s name Converge Biotech connects with the symbiotic relation of healthcare providers for alleviating patients’ agonies, and patients seeking better health. The company endeavors to cater to the benefits of patients through doctors or healthcare providers in affordable ways. In a nutshell, this distinctively implies our purpose of emerging with the name, Converge Biotech.

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