Caring beyond



Converge Biotech is committed toward sustained excellence which include efforts to benefit the communities by building a responsible business that abides by an essential set of social and environmental policies.

The organization collaborates with varied community groups to cover wellness, health and safety, while respecting local cultures. MaDE is one such activity and the acronym implies: Managing Diabetes Easy.

Sadly almost 50% of diabetic cases remain unattended that causes a considerable gap in its management. Converge Biotech has partnered with an USA based innovative organization pinned in Boston, that specializes in creating hi-end, portable and diagnostic devices.

Converge Biotech initiated MaDE activity that embraced over 300 doctors who sought the company’s HbA1c-based diagnostic camps, while close to 10,000 patients are benefitted by this initiative during 2019.


With innovative offerings, Converge Biotech envisions to be the lead-player in the Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: DPN sector. And with the speedy escalation of diabetes cases and uncontrolled HbA1c, neuropathy incidents are on the rise as well. While, the treatments available for stage 1 neuropathy are tragically few and futile.

So the team at Converge Biotech has come up with an innovative topical cream to conspicuously improve treatment of such cases now.